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This 30-Day April Abs Challenge will Totally Make You Feel Like A Total Boss

Just 4 simple exercises. No gym membership or equipment needed.

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It’s a new month and it’s always a good opportunity to start a new workout challenge. For the next 30 days my fitness plan involves my usual running, some HIIT exercises, and this 30 day challenge. Join us this month in this Total Abs Challenge by Jodi Higgs.


Doing this challenge will basically make you feel like:


Are you up for it? We start today!


Each day for 30 days, you can do these easy exercises. The best part is, it’s 4 simple exercises you can easily incorporate into your running or cross-training routine and do quickly from anywhere – Do it in the morning, right before bed, or even your lunch break.

They are sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and plank.

via Fitwirr

Looking for a more challenging core workout/challenge? This amazing workout from Fitwirr only takes about 6 minutes! Exercises like the one above targets the deeper abdominal and core muscles which burn stomach fat and strengthen your core. This workout targets your abs but also gets your heart rate up. Feeling lethargic? This can give you a great energy boost too.

We have also included the video below to make it super easy to follow.

If you have lower back issues and have difficulty doing any of the above exercises laying on your back then you want to check out the 10-minute standing abs workout video from Fitness Blender below.

Are you ready for the 30-day challenge? Be sure to pin this infographic or save it and pop it on your fridge.


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