FlipBelt: Review

It can hold a phone, keys, gel packs and cash while you run but is it comfortable?

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Hi everyone! Do you ever decide to go for a run outside and realize there is nowhere to store your car keys, phone, etc. So, you carry them around with you in your pockets (where they bounce around bothering you your whole run) or have to stuff them in the waistband of your pants (where they slide down your leg). This seriously happens to me all the time! I literally almost started doing flips in my living room when my FlipBelt arrived in the mail! I have heard a lot of talk about this product on our WRC facebook group page and was so excited to finally try it out and share my thoughts with you! I slipped it on, packed it with my Iphone, keys (I have several keys on my keychain) and chapstick, and then took it for a 3.5 mile run outside. Here is my review:



1. Function: I was able to fit quite a bit in my FlipBelt with plenty of room to spare. There are a total of four openings around the belt for slipping your items inside. Nothing fell out, and it worked great at keeping these items close to my body which prevented any “bouncing” of the objects while I ran.



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