It is my great honor this week to post an article by Miriam of On Top of the World Momma, who is an amazing blogger.

  • No matter how long you’ve been running, you always hate the first 2 miles.
  • If you start running to lose weight, you might not lose that much, but eventually you don’t care about weight because running has so many, REPEAT, SO MANY unplanned for benefits
  • That I’d be SO happy every day
  • That I’d feel a sense of immediate solidarity with other runners
  • That for real, I’d LOVE and RESPECT my body for what it can do
  • That it would change my life, take me places out there and in my heart
  • That I’d become a morning runner and just LOVE it
  • That no matter how much sunscreen I use I’d have a tan line from my shots all year long. Just when it’s about to fade, summer would be back.
  • That pepper spray would be my BEST friend
  • That I’d have to redo my wardrobe to accommodate for the new gear
  • That I’d live and eat in running clothes
  • That I would jump around like a new puppy (in my head) every time I learned someone was a runner and not even bothering holding back the excitement
  • That you face and work on your body issues every time you hit the pavement
  • That once you make running a part of you life, life is lived in color…..nothing is drab
  • That following a training plan religiously is a recipe for injury
  • That listening to your body is THE only way to avoid injury
  • That learning the weather for the next morning is more important than news
  • That you begin to notice all the people, who for whatever reason, can’t run.
  • That my muscular, toned legs would surpass my bum, as my most sexy asset (my opinion…I’m allowed.)
  • That I’d chew through ‘favorite’ songs super FAST and as a result know all the latest “cool” songs….I’m a teacher and my young students are always impressed by my playlist..little do they know I am looking for new songs weekly
  • That you’d start thinking ways to make extra money to pay for that race.
  • That most non-runners care nothing about our obsession, so, don’t be weird…..find a runner to talk to about running
  • That suddenly magazine subscriptions are IN again
  • That a half or a marathon becomes a less daunting challenge pretty fast in this journey
  • That you’d get THAT excited seeing other cars with running stickers
  • That you can’t help posting on FB about your runs, oh, and that you start not to care who “un-friends” you as a result

What are some of your ideas?

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