Most experts agree that to lower injury risk, you need not a magic bullet but a loaded gun. One with a three-bullet chamber: a strong body, good form, and the right shoe. Here is a video showing some of the recommended exercises you can do to keep your body strong.

How to Prevent Common Running Injuries via Runner’s World

Mention the term “recovery” and most runners think of ice baths, compression socks, and trigger point massage. And while these tools can be helpful to facilitate recovery, they’re just ways to manage existing damage. They’re not the most effective ways to enhance recovery because they’re reactive.

4 Bulletproof Ways to Prevent Running Injuries via the Art of Manliness




Strengthening your most vulnerable muscles and joints (hips, hamstrings, knees) goes a long way toward remaining healthy. The stronger these areas are, the better able your body will be to cope with the pounding.

4 Exercises to Help Prevent Running Injuries via



Runners have strong quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, and rarely incur injuries in these powerful sheaths of muscle. Instead, running injuries almost always occur at the hip, knee and ankle due to an imbalance between the large propulsion muscles and the smaller stability muscles surrounding the joint structures of the leg. These smaller muscles are critical for a runner’s ability to lift the energetic load of the torso off the legs, reducing the pounding downward impact on the body’s lower joints. So what can we do to decrease risk of injury while increasing running performance and endurance?

The 5 Best Injury-Reducing Exercises To Prevent Common Running Injuries via Mind Body Green


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