Written by: Nicole Annette Bockting

There are many benefits to running in the morning. I have definitely benefited from it. There are a few keys to running in the morning. ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE.

First, people who run in the EVENING like to because they “decompress”. Ok. I get that. but one key to running in the morning is total preparation. Prepare EVERYTHING in the evening. while you are doing that, your mind is thinking about RUNNING. while you are thinking about running, you are not thinking of everything else and you find yourself excited to get it done the next day. Decompression right there. if you have kids, put all of their school clothes out the night before. Put all of their plates/bowls/spoons/forks/vitamins or whatever you need to get their breakfast going in the morning, out the evening before. Get all of your clothes out, earbuds, protein bar, whatever you use out onto the counter. Easy access and you dont have to waste time digging that stuff out. you need your morning to go like clockwork. It will once you have your ROUTINE down.

Image By Phil Roeder

Image By Phil Roeder

I set my alarm so that i can lay in bed and use a heating pad on my quads, hamstrings, and calfs. while doing this, I am looking at facebook, checking email, and checking weather. This gives me time to wake a little. I get up get dressed, stretch, foam roll my upper legs and back, and use a rolling pin on my calves. I drink AIR SPEED or AMINO drink mix. Everything I would take with me that is not on my body, is already in the car from me putting it in there the night before. Those of you who do not need to drive don’t have to worry about this. Articles say that putting caffeine into your system within an hour before working out will give you a better workout. Hence, my drink mix. FYI…it does give you a boost. Articles also say that if you run in the morning, it is not necessary to eat a bunch of carbs before your run because the carbs you ate the night before has been sitting in your body over night waiting to be used. That is why i can run on an empty stomach (with my drink mix).


1. If you run in the morning, your metabolism is jump started and it works better all day long. You metabolize food quicker all day! Therefore you lose weight!!!

2. You get to run when your body is fully rested and you get a great workout. Heck, marathons are in the morning right!!!!

3. I don’t have to think about getting my run in during the evening when I have tons of other stuff to do. Morning is my time and because I have a routine figured out, I don’t feel like rushed.

4. In the evening I can spend my time in my home with my family instead of time out on the road and while I am decompressing by putting my stuff together for the run in the morning, I am still present in the home for my kids. ROUTINE IS KEY!”

Featured Image Source: Ian Livingston


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