Running can be extremely therapeutic, enjoyable and fun, but doesn’t always feel that way starting out. Really enjoyed this article by Allison Norton over at Lauren Conrad on how to learn to love running! Here’s a snippet of her article:

2. Don’t start off too big.
If you’ve never run before and you try going for 3 miles your first time, you’re not going to have fun (and you will probably be in some pain the next day). As with all things, take baby steps. If you need to run for a minute then walk for a minute when beginning, do what your body is comfortable with. Start off slow, and work your way up to longer distances and faster speeds.

5. Download some fun apps.
These days, there are apps for almost anything you want to do. The same goes for running. One app called Couch to 5k helps beginners with a mostly sedentary lifestyle ease into a 5k run. The Nike+ Running app is my personal favorite because it tells me how long I’m going, how fast I’m going, how many calories I’m burning, and even lets me select a playlist from my iPhone to power up my run.

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