There are a many factors that go into choosing the right running shoe for you, including road running vs trail running and if you have a high or flat arch. This infographic from REI summarizes some of the basics of running shoes, including tips for trying on running shoes.

There’s also a handy guide to lacing shoes to alleviate common foot problems.

How to choose running shoes

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Test 360 Degrees

When you are being fitted for running shoes, it’s not only important that there is enough space in the toe box when you stand, your whole foot should fit on the platform of the shoe…..

Shop Late

Feet swell during the day, says Julie Isphording, a former Olympic runner and organizer of Cincinnati’s historic Thanksgiving Day Race. They also swell during a run, so trying on running shoes when your feet are at their largest is going to give you the most comfortable fit.

Forget Fashion

Be careful about buying a shoe for looks……

Don’t Overdue It

Even if you find out you are a pronator with flat feet and weak ankles, you may not necessarily want to buy the stiffest, bulkiest — what people in the industry call the “motion control” — shoe…..

Test Drive

Most good specialty running stores will have a treadmill in the store where you can try out your shoes. If there’s no treadmill, ask to run somewhere close by. Trying on a shoe is much different than running in it. After all, you don’t just sit in a car and decide you want to buy it, you start the engine and take it around the block.

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