Sarah B.

“To all the girls that think you’re ugly because you’re not a size 0, you’re the beautiful one. It’s society who’s ugly.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

As women, we are told constantly that our bodies need to look a certain way to please others. Society values long, thin legs (but not too thin), flat stomachs, big breasts (but not too big), a small waist, a firm butt (but not too firm). What they don’t tell you is that those so-called “thunder thighs”, that always were a little tough to squeeze into jeans, could carry you the distance of a marathon. Society doesn’t tell you that what your body does is so much more valuable than how it looks. They don’t tell you that stretch marks and scars and dimples and curves are merely the products of a life well-lived. They don’t tell you that your body is more than something for others to gaze at and criticize. That your body doesn’t exist for others to judge. It exists for you to dance, and walk, and run, and jump, and bike, and climb, and live. So here are my surgery scars and a smile because even in recovery, my body just allowed me to have a great workout. I may not be where I want to be, but I’m thankful to be where I am.Sarah



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