When you no longer fear failure, you become limitless!!!

The 26th mile of my slowest & fastest marathon. Two years ago I was approached by a trainer at my gym who said,” I see you running on the treadmill everyday. That’s not going to give you the results you want”. I said “really? Because my goal is to qualify for Boston”. I was extremely annoyed by this guy. He continued to question me. He found out my PR was 3:47 and I needed a 14+ min PR to hit the qualifying time. The guy basically laughed at me. From September – March, I ran on the treadmill watching this trainer parade himself around the gym: he would randomly ask me if I had “qualifed yet”. After 2 failed attempts (3:45 & 3:43) I was getting embarrassed to answer the question. I didn’t doubt I could reach the goal- I just didn’t know when, When I hit the Boston standard in March 2014 with a 16 min PR and a time of 3:27, I could NOT wait to let this guy know. His jaw dropped. He could not believe it. ! I might have failed pretty miserably many times, but I never lost site of the goal! My goal this year is to run a marathon over 1 hour faster than my first marathon! When you no longer fear failure; you become limitless. Don’t be your own biggest enemy and use the word “can’t”. You CAN.Run4prs


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