“She believed she could so she did.” ~ Unknown

In 2010 I ran my first FM. Goal was under 5 hours. I finished in 5:15. Just a thought of running would make me physically sick for the next 6 months. I decided to run another FM and finish what I started. Not ideal training, I skipped a few runs here and there, was not as strict in my training, 5:18 was my result. This one was harder than my first. Next year I followed my plan to a T. Applied everything amazing pacer Caroline from @napervillerunningco told us. As a result I ran my 3rd FM in 4:19. It was that year that a friend mentioned Boston. Oh, no, it is only for fast runners was my answer. But I checked…hmmm, 3:40 qualifying time…maybe? Decided to take 2 years. First go under 4 and then 3:40. Great training season, and then a stress fracture at mile 6 during my 4th marathon. I walked for 4 miles to where my family was waiting, I could not hold my tears. I did not feel any pain, all I felt was disappointment and shame, I let people down. 4 months in a boot, back to running and re-building my base. Perfect training season, resulted in 3:32,PR and BQ, 2nd marathon a month later and 3:27! Finally this year I was training to run Boston. Training was going amazing. Then a freak accident during an easy run, 5 weeks from the race, a knee injury and a big ? mark, can I run Boston? Week before Boston I decided to go to Boston and walk the marathon. 6 hours to finish. When at Boston, I decided that I will try walk/run. I ended up running all the way in 4:09! Last 2 miles I could barely breath, tears were flowing down my face. A volunteer approached me as I finished. She would not leave my side. She kept asking if I was hurting, I replied “no”. I told her that I was overwhelmed with emotions. And I kept asking her when would I get my medal….and then I got my medal. It was all worth it. Even my first marathon was not as emotional. Finishing my first Boston gave me a feel of a huge accomplishment. It was special! Very special! loverunning26_2

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