Krista C.

“Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of each step you take toward reaching that goal.” ~ Unknown

I read an article about the perception of a “runners body” and it resonated with me. After spending a good portion of my life overweight, out of shape and filled with a good amount of disappointment in my body at 36 and encouraged by some wonderful friends and my amazing husband, I started running. I couldn’t run more than 30 seconds without being winded and wanting to die. I started and stopped the Couch To 5k a few times over the year but finally after a year I ran my first 5k. I remember being proud of myself but also embarrassed to be at the race. In my mind everyone else there was “a runner”, I was just the overweight, out of shape girl that thought she belonged there. I ran three times a week, finished a few 5ks and a 10k over the next six months and still would not have called myself a runner because I did not look like what I considered a runner to look like. Two years after I ran for the first time I completed my first half marathon…13.1 miles and I still couldn’t get over the issues I had telling people I was a runner. I was sure they were laughing at my delusion in calling myself that. In all that time I have never ever had anyone be anything but supportive and positive about my accomplishments. All the issues were from my own self consciousness. Since 2011 I have completed sixteen half marathons, run three Ragnars and am halfway through my goal of running a half marathon a month for twelve months. Running has helped me believe that I am capable, that I am not weak, that I can set a goal and accomplish it. My friend took this picture during my Ragnar SoCal last week and for the first time I didn’t look at a picture of me running and pick apart my arms and my thighs and my stomach and think to myself “You might run but you are so not a runner. Look at your body. That’s not what a runner looks like. Get over yourself.” For the first time I looked at a picture of me running and thought I look strong….I look happy….I look like a runner.Krista


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