Summer from Summer Side Fitness has a post up with 10 Life Lessons From A Runner. Here’s a snippet:

As a runner, I have done and experienced things I never thought possible.  I have made amazing friends, seen awesome places, and achieved physical feats only 1% of the population can claim to having done.  Running teaches you a lot about who you are as a person, and what you are willing to withstand mentally or physically.  I wouldn’t trade my time on the road for anything.  With that said, there have been some not so fun lessons that I have had to learn in my quest from ballerina to running athlete!

10 Life Lessons from a Runner:

1. Running is hard! Yes, you heard me right, it is hard!  It is much more than simply “putting one foot in front of the other”.  I watched people run and thought “why is that so difficult, I can dance circles around them with more technique and grace”.  Well come to find out there is a lot of technique required in efficient running.  Over the years I have learned what “arm swing” means, how to pick up my knees when going up a hill, or that looking down at my toes is not optimal body mechanics.  Being a good runner takes a lot of practice, time on the road, and persistence.  Be willing to put in the time and you will reap the rewards.
2. Running buddies are the best (and a class is even better)! Yes, I took Jogging for college credit!  I couldn’t figure out how to run on my own, so I figured why not be forced to get out of bed, and go for a run.  It was great, so great, that I took the class again!  This semester changed my running life forever.  Not only did I succeed in running 7-miles by the end of the semester, I also met one of my best running buddies to this day in that class.Lisa, my teacher, taught me so much more than simply how to increase mileage or deal with running in the snow.  She taught me the value of a running buddy.  With a partner, the miles seem easier, the heat and humidity seems less daunting, and amazing friendshipsare formed through mutual sweat.  There is something about running that allows you to open up and share parts of yourself that you may not share otherwise.  All of a sudden a running session can become a therapy session without you even knowing it.While most of us don’t have the luxury of taking a jogging class for credit anymore and easily finding running buddies, there are running groups in all cities.  Check out, local running stores, or do a google search, you will find a lasting friend for sure on the run.

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5 Lessons Running Has Taught Me via I <3 To Run

Here’s what I truly love about running: Every single lesson it has taught me, can be applied to my life. Maybe it’s the reason I continue lacing up my shoes, day after day. Even when running brings me tears. Because I know, right around the corner, is a lesson to be learned. I’ll always be grateful for being a student of running. Five Lessons Running Has Taught Me….


20 Life Lessons Running Has Taught Me via Happy Fit Mama

To live my life as a runner and a good human being, I just need to follow these simple 20 life lessons.

1. You cannot reach that finish line unless you start….


What Has Running Taught You This Year? via Active

Running is a challenge, a complete joy, and at times can even feel like torture. It’s a lot like life. In fact, the journey through those trails and roads in your running shoes can teach you something about how to live.

1. Practice makes perfect.

Just like learning a new language or musical instrument, you won’t get better at running unless you…well, run. Forgive yourself for making mistakes, for pushing yourself too hard or twisting your ankle, and then learn from it.

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