When you’re training for a race, a foam roller is a vital tool. If your muscles are in knots and or feeling tight, the foam roller might be the easiest fix you’ve ever found. Try these 7 self-massaging techniques by Anna Renderer over at PopSugar before your next workout! Here’s a snippet of it:


  • Lying on the floor, lift your legs and place the roller at the back of your pelvis (aka sacrum).
  • Gripping the end of the roller for stability, slowly twist your lower body to the left, then to the right, to massage your glutes. Continue for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Adjust your body’s position until you find the “sweet spot” or tight spot. Direct pressure will help to release knots.

Tip: Tight glutes can pull on the IT band and adversely affect the alignment of the hips and knees.



  • Sitting on the floor, place the roller in the middle of your glutes.
  • Using a short and steady roll, move the roller back and forth for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • To reach the entire muscle, adjust your position from side to side. Apply active release on specific tight spots by holding still for five seconds.

Tip: The piriformis muscle, found under the glute max, runs laterally from the sacrum (back of the pelvis) to the outside of the upper thigh. It is small but can get really tight.

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