Just read this post by Kate from Kate Moving Forward about lies she tells herself while running this morning. What little white lies would you add to this list about running, training, and nutrition? Tell us in the comments or tweet @womensrunclub and tell us! Here’s a snippet of Kate’s post:

  • You’re so fast
  • There are no hills on this route
  • You don’t have to pee
  • There are no more hills on this route
  • You still don’t have to pee
  • People driving by wish they were you
  • You definitely don’t have to poop


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Lie No. 1: You NEVER tell your partner how much any of your gear REALLY costs. If you’re like me, sh*t is always, “Half off honey! There is no way I could pass.”

Lie No. 2: Everyone in your life, (including your mom, your aunt, your sister-in-law and your BFF), starts to buy you running gifts for every holiday and no matter how ugly or impractical, you cry, “This is exactly what I wanted! Perfect! I love it! How’d you know?”

Lie No. 4: When non-runners ask if running hurts you always tell them no. (If this is true for you, and running NEVER hurts, then I salute you. But me? Yeah, right.)

Lie No. 6: When your partner asks you what you want for your birthday, you say, “Nothing babe.” Deep down what you really want is a gift card for an uncurbed shopping spree at your favorite running store.

Lie No. 7: When you tell someone how many miles you ran that day, you round up. (I’m not sure this is really a lie, but whatever.)

Lie No. 14: You tell your peeps, “Losing a toenail is a badge of honor.” (Instead, you should be telling them how to work the cover up.)

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15 Sneaky Lies Runners Tell via Brook Kreder




  • You look like you’ve got this. (I feel like death and it’s probably reflected on my face.)
  • Hot pink sneakers make you run faster. (The jury’s still out on this one.)
  • One more song’s worth…you can stop when you hit a bad song. (But with an iPod full of great gym tracks, this should rarely happen.)
  • You can totally eat that extra <brownie, cookie, etc.> tonight. (Ok, well this one is usually true.)

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Lies I Tell Myself While Working Out via Cupcakes & Cardio


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