You work hard and deserve to be noticed.

Are you an Etsy shop or a small business owner on Instagram looking to gain more exposure for your awesome products? Look no further, we can help you!

We want to help you get noticed by thousands of runners and fitness and health enthusiasts and small business fans and lovers by acting as the conduit between your target audience and future customers to learn and know more about your business and products.

You work hard and deserve to be noticed. We are here to help get the word out about your business and the products or services you offer.

By applying for a feature, if you are selected, your work and products can be seen by over 137,000 organic and authentic fans on Instagram, over 78,000 on Facebook, and over 5,600 on Pinterest. We don’t pay for followers, we have been growing our audience naturally since day one. We want to help you convert OUR ever growing fan base into YOUR future customers.

We offer 6 types of feature options to share your business on our Instagram page, newsletter AND/OR website.

1) Basic Shop Feature $40.00 USD (Instagram) – This option includes one product photo. We will work up the caption and include any information you would like, including coupon codes. We will also include up to two website links.

2) Collaged Photo Feature $50.00 USD (Instagram) – This option includes one collaged photo image for four of your products in one post. We will create a nice clean collage and showcase 4 of your items. This is a great value because it’s like getting four features in one. The first impression is the best impression!

3) Giveaway Feature $60.00 USD (Instagram) – This option is one of our most popular features. With this feature option, we will work with you to select an item to giveaway. We will do all the work! We will create the text content for your giveaway image, post your giveaway on the agreed date and work up the caption and giveaway rules. We also qualify the winner, select the winner using a random number app and announce your giveaway winner. We use effective and relevant hashtags to draw in an organic interest in your product giveaway. This is a great and fun way to gain more exposure and followers for your business. Word of mouth is powerful, you never know who your winner can end up being.

4) Buy 2 basic shop features, get one free! $80.00 USD (Instagram) – It’s simple. You buy 2 features in advance and we will feature you a third time for free! We will book your features approximately 30 days apart. This option offers the best value because you lock in the current price even if the basic shop feature price increases. This is a also a great feature option for shops who constantly want to show off new listings and products to our ever growing audience as they become available. This option is for the shop owner that wants to stay in the spotlight and create a strong presence in the small business community. With the holidays quickly approaching and buyers gearing up for the biggest shopping season, this is the option for you. You pay once and stay busy creating while we promote to thousands of viewers for you for the next 3 months. **this feature option is for one single product photo for the next 3 months and cannot be combined with a collaged photo or giveaway option

5) Bundle 2 features plus giveaway $90.00 (Instagram) – Excellent value here. You get 2 basic shop features and one giveaway feature. This option was added by popular demand, features plus a giveaway will give your shop the exposure boost it deserves!

6) Monthly featured product $100.00 (website) – Your featured product appear on our home page under the “Monthly Featured Products” Title. Pricing is $100 per 30 day. Only eight spots are available.

“Advertising, promoting, and getting the word out about your business is essential to it’s survival….”

How it works:

Once you submit your application, we will review your Etsy shop/website and Instagram account for the best qualifying photo(s) for your feature. We will contact you via email to share with you our recommendations. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folders.

Once we both agree to the best product photo to feature, at that point we will send you a link to our website to get the process started. Please note, you do not need to have a paypal account in order to apply for a feature.

Don’t worry, we will not invoice you if you have not been selected so there is no risk. We want to be able to promote and represent your brand in the best way possible so quality photos are very important to have. Even if you feel your photos are not of the best quality but you are interested in getting your business out there, submit the application, we will work with you to make sure you can be featured on our feed. Just as you are building a brand, Women’s Running Community has a brand image and look and feel to our page that our fans love, so beautiful quality photos that represent your brand clear and precise are very important.

If selected, we will contact you within 3 weeks from the time you submit your application. Have more questions? Email us at

By applying for a feature, you acknowledge that you are aware of the current lead time for a feature. Are you ready to apply now? Just fill out the application below.

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