The Women’s Running Community (WRC) is a celebration of women around the world who are striving to be the best and healthiest version of themselves through running and fitness no matter how slow or fast, or how short or long we run, or how we look when we run or exercise. We are a community inspiring girls and women to choose health and wellness over our culture’s harmful obsession with having the “perfect” runner’s body type or shape. We believe in praise and celebration of what we can do and not what we look like. Our mission is to educate the world that health, beauty, and wellness come in many forms and that no one body type, shape, size, culture or weight is more worthy of respect, love and acceptance than another. We will not be defined by our size, shape, or age because they do not indicate our endurance, strength and overall health and fitness. We are all fiercely one of a kind, but we are all in this together. We will support, encourage and admire anyone who is trying to better herself. #whatarunnerlookslike*

*Inspired by the #whatayogilookslike movement from Yoga & Body Image Coalition


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